Michael Waluk

Software Architect

I am Chief Architect @ Intralinks.com

Creative, hands-on, results-driven Architect with over twenty years of experience developing secure, scalable Software-as-a-Service web applications; passionate about architecting flexible software, managing large and complex projects, turning ideas into reality, and helping business owners select and apply appropriate technologies to grow and succeed.


2012 - now

Chief Architect @ Intralinks

from august 2012 to present day

SaaS provider of secure online document management services

Responsible for technology vision and product roadmap, platform architecture, product software development, mobile development, technology and vendor selection, performance and capacity planning.

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2008 - 2012

Principal Architect @ Intralinks

from august 2008 to august 2012

SaaS provider of secure online document management services

- Lead architecture improvements in Software-as-a-Service platform with an event-driven service-oriented architecture. Improve uptime, enable scalability at a finer level, increase development speed and shortened time-to-market by enabling independent development teams, allowing more frequent deployments of smaller decoupled (REST) services.

2001 - 2008

Lead Architect @ Workscape

from october 2001 to august 2008

Saas Provider of integrated benefits and talent management solutions

Responsible for development of a secure, configurable software-as-a-service Human Resource Management System. Select technologies, establish development standards, testing methodology and develop standard SDLC. Lead cross-functional team to define Internet systems strategy including systems consolidation, new technology introduction, and new business opportunities.

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1997 - 2001

Lead Developer @ ECS

from october 1997 to october 2001

Saas (ASP) Provider of Benefits Administration

Responsible for technology selection, taking client projects through requirements definition, design, development, testing & deployment. Build out a team of web developers, train and mentor to offer web-based Benefit Enrollment applications with custom rules.

1996 - 1997

Developer @ IBM

from february 1996 to august 1997

Graphics Department, San Francisco Office

Establish and maintained IBM’s “Western Area” intranet (HTML, Javascript, Java 1.x applets). Work with Sales, Legal, Services, IT and other departments to develop their new communication channel.



Learning Today


NoSQL and Graph Databases

I'm currently learning all I can about the latest options in persistence. I'm working on small projects using MongoDB and neo4j. I've been on a few projects where a graph database would have helped, but the team wasn't ready. I'm going to become an expert so I can accurately find a fit and use my experience to help future projects make the right choice. The book Graph Databases was helpful when getting started with graphs.

1994 - Present

Continuous Learning

from 1994 to Present

Continuously Learning

I'm happiest when learning something new. Whether it's a problem domain, library, technology, language or sport, I'm constantly sharpening my skills and learning new ones.

I've received formal training on the following (and more), but gain more by reading and hands-on research: SCRUM, Flex, extJS, Mercator, WebLogic, Savvion BPM, Blaze Advisor Rules, CNA, Presentation Skills, Leadership Skills, etc.


Boston University

september 1993

College of Engineering

B.S., Computer Engineering



Programming Languages
Java HTML5 CSS3 javaScript XML/XSLT ASP Flex ActionScript
Spring jQuery Twitter Bootsrap Backbone JS Hibernate ActiveMQ Camel Maven Subversion Git jira dojo extJS
Oracle MySQL MongoDB


User Interface
Very good
Server Side


Running Carpentry Guitar Swimming Bicycling Obstacles


Mysterious IP Hijacking on EC2

SEP 15

Massive ad traffic sent to elastic IP at AWS' EC2


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